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What you see is what you get: create and check results in real time

As a Passbook passes generator Passdock makes every effort to make life easier for the system installer with their valuable service of creation, distribution and modification of the passes for the future use of Passbook.

Passdock boasts a simple and intuitive solution to generate Passbook coupons for example and create passes for this revolutionary app, not to mention store cards, event tickets and boarding passes.

So what's the good news...? All types of firms and developers can access this business with the integrated and multiplatform tools provided by Passdock.


What can you do with Passdock

Take a look at the following:

  • Customize and create templates pass for Passbook;
  • Choose the fields that must be present on the pass;
  • Create passes for Passbook with precompiled fields for a given user;
  • Use the certificates provided by Passbook;
  • Change a pass for a particular user;
  • Send push notifications of automatic updates;
  • Distribute passes updated to an iOS device.

10 Advantages of Passdock

  1. Assisted creation – you must not know the json structure of the pass, being concerned only of the content;
  2. Attain an immediate preview of the pass created on your Browser without having to install it on iPhone with iOS 6;
  3. Get API to use the Passbook services in the easiest way even before the launch of iOS 6;
  4. Enjoy compatibility with every platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone...
  5. Template creation available from which to generate a bunch of passes;
  6. Predefined fields – creation becomes easy thanks to the preset templates which only need to be filled out;
  7. Full support to pass creation with detailed guides for each option;
  8. Optimized for Retina Display for both mobile devices and the new MacBook Pro Retina;
  9. Displays:
    • detailed statistics for each template;
    • the list of templates and generated passes;
    • on wich device you have installed a pass;
  10. Access sample code in various languages: python and Objective-C to connect to API.


Generate your Passbook passes now!


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Create new pass

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